The exhibition earth, ran from June 10 to June 30 2010 at Barometer Gallery, 13 Gurner Street, Paddington, Sydney. All the photographs were taken on a 50-year-old Hasselblad medium format camera and have been printed in the darkroom on Fujiflex Crystal Archive.

The photographs were taken from a moving car and are an exploration of the relationship between simultaneous movement and stillness. Like change and steadiness, the ephemeral and the eternal, movement and stillness are part of the evolution of life. The photos capture the two.

By combining the movement caused by the travelling car with a point of stillness in the landscape, the works aim to communicate the different essences of how life is experienced. Sometimes we can't see "the wood for the trees"; at other times this doesn't matter; and at other times again, the glimpse of "the woods" is invaluable in locating ourselves, and getting our bearings in the world.

The phenomena is akin to the reality that our earth is constantly spinning, but we don't actually see or feel this as a direct experience. Yet it is a daily occurrence, one which allows us to exist and prosper.

Similarly, when you are in a moving in a car, you look out the window and have a unique fleeting vision, so these photos capture moments filled with life and individual experience, but countered by the reality that these mountains have existed for millennia and will outlive all of us.

The photographs were taken in the Madonie and Nebrodi mountains of central eastern Sicily, a region marked by centuries of human and mythic habitation. The oldest known story about the mountains is that they are formed by giants, which were subdued by the Greeks.